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                    Council Plan 2013–17

                    The Council Plan is a statement of what the City of Melbourne will do to help achieve the community’s vision of Melbourne as a bold, inspirational and sustainable city.

                    ​The 2013-17 plan describes the outcomes the Council aims to achieve during its term, the priorities that will shape its program of work over the four years and the resources required do this.

                    Key sections of the plan

                    Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan

                    What we plan to achieve

                    How we will resource our plan

                    Background and context to the Council Plan

                    The community’s vision is enshrined in the Future Melbourne Community Plan, which provides the context to the Council Plan.

                    Council Plan is an aspirational document that guides the work of the City of Melbourne in the medium term. It is given reality through the Annual Plan and Budget, which provides a detailed description of the Council’s yearly funded activities and how those activities will contribute to achieving the outcomes in the Council Plan. Each Annual Plan and Budget represents a one-year slice of the four-year Council Plan and the community has opportunities to have its say on activities the Council proposes to fund and how it will fund them each financial year.

                    The Council’s performance against the Council Plan is recorded in the Annual Report. The Council is responsible for achieving progress on the outcomes in its Council Plan which, in turn, contributes to achieving the Future Melbourne vision by the community as a whole.

                    How the plan was developed

                    Council Plan 2013-17 is the result of several months of planning and deliberation that included:

                    • research and thinking about the long-term challenges and opportunities facing the municipality
                    • councillor planning workshops to identify the Council’s overall direction, desired outcomes and priorities
                    • consideration of what needs to be done over the next years to achieve the long-term goals in the Future Melbourne Community Plan
                    • consideration of feedback from the community on the draft goals, outcomes and priorities proposed by the Council.
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