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                    A man and a woman each walking a dog along the side of the Yarra River.

                    There are many benefits to owning a pet, including companionship and friendship. The City of Melbourne encourages responsible pet ownership – find out what your obligations and responsiblities are as a pet owner.

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                    • Pet registration and microchipping

                      To help keep pets safe, all pet owners are required by law to microchip and register their cat or dog with their local council.
                    • Desexing your cat or dog

                      We recommend that cats and dogs be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Desexing can help make animals less aggressive and easier to control.
                    • Lost and found animals

                      Lost cats, dogs and livestock are taken to the City of Melbourne pound provided by the RSPCA at 3 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East.
                    • Domestic Animal Management Plan 2013-17

                      Every Victorian council is required to prepare a domestic animal management plan at four-yearly intervals.
                    • Dangerous, menacing and restricted breeds

                      Dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs are treated differently by law.
                    • Buying a pet

                      Owning a pet can provide rewarding companionship to many people. Pets also make great family friends.
                    • Walking your dog

                      The City of Melbourne requires dogs to be leashed in all public areas of the municipality unless you are in a designated off-leash area in a park.
                    • Responsible pet ownership

                      We are committed to maintaining the city’s parks, gardens and streets for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Promoting responsible pet ownership is part of this commitment.
                    • Animal management services

                      The City of Melbourne provides animal management services including registration, investigation and education about responsible pet ownership.
                    • Domestic animal businesses

                      The City of Melbourne is responsible for the registration of domestic animal businesses. ​Currently we have seven registered domestic animal business’ including two animal shelters, four pet shops and one overnight boarding.
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