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                    Cycling is on the increase in Melbourne. The City of Melbourne’s cycling network has over 135 km of on- and off-road routes along with many on-street bicycle hoops.

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                    • Cycling lanes and routes

                      The City of Melbourne’s cycling network has over 135 km of on- and off-road routes. We are investing in new and upgraded bike paths, lanes and routes to improve connections and safety for all cyclists.
                    • Where to park your bike

                      Various bike parking facilities are available in the City of Melbourne including on-street bicycle hoops and the bike pod at City Square.
                    • Bike pod at City Square

                      The bike pod provides a free parking, shower and change facility for workers, students and visitors who cycle to the central city.
                    • Bike share

                      Melbourne Bike Share is a public bicycle hire scheme designed for short trips across the city. Bikes can be borrowed for a few hours, a full day or a week and returned at any of the many docking stations in Melbourne.
                    • Cycling forum

                      Come along to our cycling forums to ask questions about cycling projects and exchange information with community members, City of Melbourne councillors and staff.
                    • Cycling data

                      Cycling is on the increase in Melbourne. Our cycling data shows that more people are using their bikes for health and recreation or as a sustainable, efficient and affordable mode of transport.
                    • Bicycle Plan

                      The Bicycle Plan is the City of Melbourne's action plan for a connected bicycle network, improving links to existing routes and making cycling more accessible for people of all ages and abilities.
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