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                    Personal emergency plans

                    The City of Melbourne's Be Aware Be Prepared campaign has resources for you to make an emergency management plan tailored to your needs.

                    It’s important to prepare yourself and your property as emergencies can happen without warning and with devastating effect.

                    Understanding what to do in an emergency can save lives. Our free booklet, How prepared are you for an emergency?, has practical steps for responding to an emergency. How prepared are you for an emergency? is available in standard, easy English and audio versions.

                    Five steps to be prepared

                    Prepare yourself and your property in five steps, whether you live in a high-rise, house or a single level dwelling. By following some simple steps you can prepare yourself for any event – large or small.

                    Step 1 – Develop an emergency plan

                    Step 2 – Copy important documents

                    Step 3 – Designate an out-of-area contact person

                    Step 4 – Know your local community resources and become one yourself

                    Step 5 – Put together a Go Bag

                    During an emergency

                    Stay calm. Listen for instructions by tuning into an emergency services broadcaster such as radio ABC 774 (AM band). Or monitor communications from the relevant emergency agency such as Victoria Police, MFB and CFA.

                    Cooperate fully with the emergency services and authorities involved in responding to the emergency.

                    If you have a disability, tell the emergency services worker or person who comes to help you about it. If you are calling an emergency service for help, tell the telephone operator about your disability. If you tell those who are going to assist you about your disability they will know the best way to help you.

                    Sometimes staying inside your home is safer than leaving. Ensure you listen to authorities’ advice.

                    If you are told to evacuate take your Go Bag and use travel routes specified by the authorities to the designated assembly or relief areas.

                    Emergency relief centres

                    During an emergency the City of Melbourne activates a number of sites to serve as emergency relief centres to support the community.

                    Listen for details about emergency relief centre locations:

                    • by tuning into an emergency services broadcaster such as radio ABC 774 (AM) band
                    • or contact the City of Melbourne on 9658 9658.
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