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                    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts

                    The City of Melbourne’s Indigenous Arts Program supports Indigenous artists, arts workers and community members to devise, produce and directly manage arts and cultural projects.

                    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In doing so, we acknowledge, respect and support the rights of Indigenous artists and communities to determine their own artistic practice and cultural priorities and we support increased opportunities for employment, and professional and economic development.

                    Indigenous arts funding opportunities

                    If you're interested in funding for one-off arts projects by and for Indigenous artists, organisations and communities, you can find out more through our annual arts grants program.

                    Past Indigenous arts projects

                    Blak Nite Screen 2015

                    Indigenous Arts Mentorship Program 2014

                    Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival 2014

                    Blak Nite Cinema 2013

                    Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival 2012

                    Indigenous Art Banners

                    Central Business Dreaming

                    Pastor Sir Doug and Lady Gladys Nicholls Memorial

                    Aboriginal man seated and playing the organ.A crowd of people sitting in a park at night with the city skyline behind them.Indigenous person standing in front of a Melbourne Comedy Festival posterJessica Mauboy smiling at the cameraA group of people standing in front of the Pastor Sir Doug and Lady Gladys Nicholls Memorial.Around 20 Indigenous Art Banners hanging from poles in a grassy area.Older bearded Aboriginal man.
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