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                    What's on at ArtPlay

                    There's plenty to do and see at ArtPlay.

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                    Girl with oversized pencil writing 'factory or fiction' on slate
                    6 Apr -
                    5 Jun

                    The Fictional Factory Exhibition

                    With the help of children aged 5 to 12, Soft Stories artists imagined the blueprint for a flamboyant factory that turns plates of unwanted vegetables into fun stuff.

                    Kids in dark with torches
                    4 May -
                    26 May

                    ArtPlay Inside Out

                    Use all sorts of inspiring materials to create an artwork or build a play space with your little one.

                    Imaginary pet made from pipe cleaners, wool and other materials
                    29 May -
                    29 May

                    Imaginary pets (Drawing)

                    Make an imaginary pet with simple materials and then bring it to life through drawing with visual artist Helen Kocis Edwards.

                    Baby holding a cup up to her or his face
                    1 Jun -
                    4 Jun

                    Touch and Go

                    Touch and Go invites 2-year old children and their adults into a special interactive performance game.

                    Woman playing violin and man carrying lots of instruments
                    5 Jun -
                    5 Jun

                    Vocal Adventures

                    A beat-boxing multi-instrumentalist and famous violinist will feature in this musical performance, where the audience will also be invited to play a role.

                    Man lying on grass surrounded by musical instruments
                    5 Jun -
                    5 Jun

                    Beatbox and Beyond

                    Vocal explorer and songwriter Mal Webb takes you on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and frivolity of all the sounds a face can make.

                    Child sitting on a stool holding a blue classical guitar
                    27 Jun -
                    28 Jun

                    MSO ArtPlay Ensemble workshop 2

                    In this series of workshops, children will work with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to create a new piece of music.

                    Girl in hat sitting on grass wrapped in green cloth
                    29 Jun -
                    10 Jul

                    ArtPlay Backyard

                    Come and play in the ArtPlay Backyard. We’ll have all sorts of materials on hand for you to create your artwork.

                    Girl working on artwork
                    29 Jun -
                    1 Jul


                    Turn recycled materials into beautiful garlands of flowers.

                    Child's hands using scissors to cut translucent materials
                    29 Jun -
                    1 Jul


                    Come on an adventure with shadow and light.

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