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                    Art outdoors

                    Melbourne is well known for its love of art, and a walk around the city can be rich with innovative visual experiences of public artworks and street art – in our laneways and gardens, on our buildings and on the waterfront.

                    ​Wander the City of Melbourne's streets and intimate laneways, parks and waterfront to find inspiring works of art in surprising places.

                    In this section

                    Sculpture resembling two long scrolls of white paper, city buildings in the background Public Art Melbourne

                    Public art comes to you. It can be a permanent feature of the cityscape; or fleeting, there one day, gone the next. It can be a thing to look at or an experience. Whatever form it takes, public art is about ideas and it is there to make life more interesting and more wonderful. 

                    Street art painting of a woman's face on a laneway wall Street art

                    The City of Melbourne recognises the importance of street art in contributing to a vibrant urban culture. Melbourne's street art has become internationally renowned and has become an attraction for local and overseas visitors experiencing Melbourne's creative ambience.


                    Explore our outdoor collection of sculptures
                    Fanciful telescope steampunk-style sculpture next to riverCircular neon sign on gabled building, in spectrum of green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue spelling out the words 'to the point where we can see nothing everything has become clear'Neon signs of emus and other Australian native animals on side of apartment buildingBrass hieroglyphics inlaid in bluestone pavementArtwork of slate, granite and glass on grassy areaStainless-steel and aluminium boat-like sculpture on waterYellow origami-like steel sculptureSculpture of long scrolls of paperRibbed spherical metal seed-like sculptures in parkSculpture of flat wave-like forms lined up in a row, in city park settingScenic photographs on side of low-rise city buildingRed-granite and stainless-steel sculpture of purseWhite fibreglass sculptures resembling figures and trees on paved areaStainless-steel sculpture among city buildingsMetal sculpture of a pole with hoop attached which has radiating armature and cups on a poleLife-size model of tram partially embedded into ground, next to palm tree of similar height
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