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                    Boyd Community Hub

                    Boyd is the City of Melbourne's first integrated community service space, transformed from the heritage-listed site of the former JH Boyd Girls' High School.

                    Southbank residents, visitors and workers are invited to visit a vibrant community and cultural hub known as Boyd.

                    The facility offers free wi-fi access, comfortable spaces to relax and a variety of activities and programs occurring each week.

                    The multi-use facility includes:

                    See What's on for more information about events at Boyd.

                    City of Melbourne information is accessible on-site via customer service phone, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm except Wednesdays.

                    Opening hours

                    Hub opening hours are slightly different from the Southbank Library at Boyd opening hours.

                    • Monday to Thursday: 7am to 7pm
                    • Friday: 7am to 6pm
                    • Saturday: 10am to 4pm
                    • Sunday: 2pm to 5pm.

                    View Southbank Library opening hours.

                    Book a space

                    Boyd has two self-managed meeting rooms available for hire - Principal's Office and Assembly Hall. These venues are available from 7am to 10pm, Sunday to Thursday; and from 7am to 11pm, Friday to Saturday.

                    Note: afterhours is defined as anytime outside of 9am to 5pm weekdays.

                    These rooms can be hired for a variety of uses, including:

                    • celebrations and cultural events
                    • education and training programs
                    • exhibitions
                    • meetings, seminars and conferences
                    • passive recreational activities
                    • performances.

                    Catering at Boyd

                    Catering is often requested by our hirers. As this is a self-managed facility, all catering requirements are to be undertaken independently by the hirer. City of Melbourne supports social enterprise organisations - to assist you with supplier suggestions, see our Social Enterprise list of caterers (DOC 63 KB).

                    Boyd Community Hub
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                    Site development plan showing future landscape development adjacent to the Boyd building, development on along Kingsway bounday and urban park on the Kavanagh Street / Balston Street corner of the site.The ground floor has a cafe, two meeting rooms, lounge, library, playgroup and waiting area. Entrances are is on City Rd (main) and Balston St (library). There is an external playgroup, paved/grassed areas, and tree along City Rd/Balston St boundaries.Boyd's first floor includes three artist studios; rooms for parents, couselling and consulting; staff lounge, offices and hotdesks; and public/staff toiliets.

                    Contact us

                    Boyd Community Hub
                    207 City Road
                    Southbank 3006
                    Telephone number
                    9658 8314
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