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What's on City of Melbourne

Street art

The City of Melbourne has conducted research and community consultation which revealed that most people do not like graffiti ‘tagging’ (person writing their graffiti name or ‘tag’ on a wall with marker or paint). However, many people appreciate ‘street art’ such as larger, more artistic pieces, or murals placed in appropriate locations with the required permission.

In response, the City of Melbourne’s Graffiti Management Plan distinguishes between:

  • the need to remove unwanted graffiti applied without permission, and 
  • street art placed on walls and infrastructure with the blessing of property owners.

The City of Melbourne recognises the importance of street art in contributing to a vibrant urban culture. Melbourne’s street art has become internationally renowned and has become an attraction for local and overseas visitors experiencing Melbourne’s creative ambience. View our Street art image gallery.

Council takes a strong stance against illegal graffiti and has a number of measures in place to ensure that the city stays clean. For more information on Council initiatives or to find out how you can reduce graffiti on your property, visit Graffiti and street art.

Moped parked in front of street art


Street art


Street art on side of house