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Incorporated documents

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 allows certain documents to be incorporated in a planning scheme by reference, rather than by physically including them in the scheme.

A document is only an incorporated document if it is included in the list of incorporated documents in the table to Clause 81.01 or the Schedule to Clause 81.01 of the planning scheme.

Visit the Melbourne Planning Scheme online.

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In addition to locally incorporated documents in the Schedule to Clause 81.01, the table to clause 81.01 lists documents required to be incorporated in all planning schemes.

How do I access incorporated documents?

Documents which have been incorporated into the Melbourne Planning Scheme form part of the Planning Scheme (Schedule to clause 81.01).

To view the Incorporated Documents that apply to the Melbourne Planning Scheme, visit List of Melbourne Incorporated documents.

The documents are also available for inspection at the City of Melbourne offices by appointment. To arrange to view an incorporated document, please contact us online.

Incorporated documents that apply to all of Victoria (Table to Clause 8.01) are available from the governing organisations (for example, VicRoads) and departments. 

In addition many are available to download from the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

  • Incorporated Documents Common to all Planning Schemes

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