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Thessaloniki, Greece

The sister city relationship with Thessaloniki was formalised on 19 March 1984.

Hosting the largest Greek-speaking population outside of Europe, it is appropriate that Melbourne should have a strong and vibrant sister city relationship with a suitable Greek partner.

About Thessaloniki

The city has been prominent since Alexandrian times. Over the years it has been occupied by Romans, Crusaders and Turks – Thessaloniki was, in turn, the co-reigning city of the Roman, Byzantine and Turkish empires.

Today it is still the second most important city in Greece. It is an administrative, political, economical, spiritual and cultural centre, has one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and an industrial area that is the second largest in Greece.

Sister city logo

Thessaloniki is represented by the ‘White Tower’. The function of the Tower, which dates back to the 15th century, has changed many times and now houses Thessaloniki’s Byzantine museum.

For more information on the Thessaloniki Association visit

The Thessaloniki Association was created to bridge the distance between the two sister port cities. The association aims to foster greater cultural bonds between the city of their forefathers and the city where they now live.

Sister city news

Public lecture: Celebrating the Centenary of the Liberation of Thessaloniki 1912 – 2012

On Sunday 30 September the Thessaloniki 'The White Tower' Association hosted a free Public Lecture in the Melbourne Town Hall to celebrate Thessaloniki’s liberation of October 26 1912.

Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley welcomed the 300 guests before White Tower Association President Katia Zikou presented the lecture on the history of the liberation. Other notable members of the Victorian Parliament were also in attendance.

As part of the public lecture the Florian Choir of Melbourne performed under the music Director Ms Elizabeth Exintaris. The Greek dance group OPA also performed with regional folk dancers.

Melbourne-Thessaloniki Sister Cities 28th anniversary celebrations

With the support of the City of Melbourne the Thessaloniki Association will again deliver the annual Federation Square Glendi Festival.

This years festival will be held on Sunday 25 November. Celebrating 100 years of Thessaloniki liberation will be this year's theme.

European Youth Capital 2014

Congratulations to the City of Thessaloniki for being awarded European Youth Capital 2014. The City of Melbourne looks forward to collaborating on a youth exchange project.

Read the press release (PDF, 147kb)

Thessaloniki 1912–2012 

2012 is a celebratory year for the city of Thessaloniki, a focal point for its past as well as its future, marking 100 years since its liberation and incorporation in the Greek State, a century of contemporary history. The celebrations will involve a series of events and projects focusing on the city’s history, urban landscape and environment, its youth, culture and the arts. Find out more at Thessaloniki 1912– 2012.

 White tower on the beach

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