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Driver nominations

Learn how to nominate someone else for a parking fine.

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The registered vehicle owner is responsible for parking fines issued to their vehicle. If your vehicle has received a parking fine but you weren’t the driver at the time, you can nominate the driver which transfers the liability of the fine to them.

To do so, the registered vehicle owner must complete a User Statement (the legal document used to nominate a driver), using the below form.

Important information to read before you complete this form:

  • Incomplete or incorrect User Statements will not be accepted, so please ensure you enter all details correctly and have supporting documents ready to upload.
  • This is a legal document required by the Road Safety Act 1986 – it is an offence to provide false or misleading information.
  • Nominating a driver must be done before the matter is registered with Fines Victoria, otherwise the fine will escalate in the owner’s name.
  • Any vehicle ownership disputes should be resolved with VicRoadsOpens in new tab before nominating a driver.

Nominate a driverOpens in new tab

Driver nomination FAQs

​An ABN number can be used for different companies whereas an ACN number is only allocated to a single business.

Once you submit a correctly completed User Statement, we will mail you a withdrawal letter confirming that the liability for the fine has been transferred to the person you nominated. We’ll also mail a new copy of the fine to them, so they can take action to resolve the fine.

However, if the information provided in your User Statement is not sufficient to identify and locate the nominated person, or if the person nominated in your statement rejects the nomination after being issued a fine, the liability for this offence may remain with you or return to you. If we decide to not accept your User Statement, we will write to you explaining the reasons why and what further action you will need to take.

Company car: The company director or authorised delegate should complete the above form to nominate you as the driver. We will then reissue the fine in your name and you can take action to resolve it.

Hire car: You can ask the hire car company to complete the above form to nominate you as the driver. We will then reissue the fine in your name and you can take action to resolve it.

The responsibility for the fine rests with you as the registered vehicle owner. It is expected that you are aware of who is using your vehicle at any given time.

If there was a delay in submitting transfer papers to VicRoads, or they were incorrectly completed, you may still be liable for fines received by the person you sold the vehicle to. 

You should contact VicRoadsOpens in new tab to resolve vehicle ownership disputes before completing the above form.

If you are the registered owner, the fine will remain your responsibility unless you nominate the driver.

If you’re the registered owner, you’re expected to maintain your affairs while on holiday, whether by redirecting your mail or getting a friend or neighbour to collect the mail on your behalf. You can complete the above form to nominate a driver anytime until the fine is registered with Fines VictoriaOpens in new tab.

You must first arrange for the registered owner to nominate you as the driver by completing the above form. Alternatively, the owner can provide an authorisation letter for you to request an infringement review on their behalf.

If you wish to contest a fine that was issued to your company’s vehicle, you must provide written confirmation that you are the company director when requesting an infringement review.

Without being nominated as the driver, you don’t have the required standing to contest the matter in court.

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