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What's on City of Melbourne

Engineering Standard Drawings

Our Engineering Standard Drawings provide all the detailed information you’ll need to design, construct or reinstate City of Melbourne assets, including:

  • dimensions
  • cross sections
  • thicknesses and
  • reinforcement details.

These drawings can be used in conjunction with our Design Standards which provide diagrams, photos and written descriptions of how our assets should look.

If you are unable to access the required Engineering Standard Drawings for any reason, call the City of Melbourne’s Engineering Services Branch on 9658 9658 or contact us online.


Bluestone paving, kerb & gutterstone Material & approved pre-qualified bluestone supplier list (PDF 657KB)
Bluestone paving, kerb & gutterstone Material & approved pre-qualified bluestone supplier list (Word 2.8MB)


1P 50101 - Asphalt Crossing Bluestone Kerb or Precast Concrete Kerb (PDF 155KB)
1P 50104 - Asphalt Crossing in CBD, Urban Conservation Areas and Arterial Roads (PDF, 150kb) 
1P 50105 - Concrete Crossing Bluestone or Precast Concrete Kerb (PDF, 138kb) 
1P 50106 - Concrete Crossing Cast In Situ Concrete Kerb (PDF, 152kb)
1P 50107 - Concrete Crossing Bluestone Kerb Radials and Straights (PDF, 149kb)
1P 50108 - Temporary Concrete Crossing, Bluestone or Precast Concrete Kerb (PDF, 167kb)
1P 50109 - Asphalt Crossing Cast In Situ Concrete Kerb (PDF, 162kb)
1P 50111 - Concrete Crossing Concrete Radials and Straights (PDF, 170kb)

Roads and footpaths

1P 50410A - New Bluestone Pitcher Road with Sawn Bluestone Finish (PDF, 213kb)
1P 50402 - Bluestone Paving Construction Details (PDF, 160kb)
1P 50404 - Precast Exposed Aggregate Concrete Kerb Unit (PDF, 79kb) 
1P 50405A - Asphalt Road Pavement Construction Details (PDF, 138kb) 
1P 50405B - Footpath Pavement Construction Details (Asphalt and Concrete) (PDF, 80kb)
1P 50407 - Pitcher Laneway Construction Details (Centre Channel)  (PDF, 145kb)
1P 50408 - Asphalt Laneway Construction Details (PDF, 114kb)
1P 50409 - Bluestone Pitcher Laneway Construction Detail (PDF, 158kb)
1P 50506 - Coloured Asphalt Pathways in Parks (PDF, 96kb)

Kerb and channels

1P 50515 - Cast In-Situ Kerb and Channel Setting Details (PDF, 123kb) 
1P 50505 - Precast Kerb and Channel Setting Details (PDF, 98kb)
1P 50406 - Bluestone Kerb and Channel Setting Details (PDF, 95kb)
1P 50507 - Typical Sections Traffic Islands Precast Concrete Kerb (PDF, 179kb)
1P 50508 - Typical Sections Traffic Islands Bluestone Kerb (PDF, 172kb)
1P 50509 - Typical Sections Traffic Islands Cast In-Situ Concrete Kerb (PDF, 167kb)
1P 50510 - Typical Sections Brick Channel (Parks) (PDF, 148kb) 

Drain connections, drainage pits and manholes

1P 50301 - Grated Drainage Pit with Overflow Kerb (PDF, 124kb) 
1P 50302 - Grated Drainage Pit (PDF, 116kb)
1P 50303 - Drain Connection to Council Stormwater Drain (PDF, 113kb)
1P 50304 - Saddle Connection to Council Stormwater Drain (PDF, 68kb)
1P 50305 - Standard 915 x 381 mm Frame and Grating Street Type (PDF, 66kb) 
1P 50306 - Standard 937 x 549 mm Frame and Grating Street Type (PDF, 66kb) 
1P 50309 - Detail of Grate Manhole (PDF, 153kb) 
1P 50310 - Standard Lane Type Pit (PDF, 86kb)  
1P 50311 - Submerged Junction Pit (PDF, 165kb) 
1P 50312 - Standard Method of Connecting Branch to Council Stormwater Pit (PDF, 87kb) 
1P 50315 - Pipe/Culvert Drain Connection to Street Channel Through Bluestone or Concrete Kerbing (PDF, 99kb) 
1P 50316 - Standard 600mm Square Lane Type Frame and Grating (PDF, 60kb)
1P 50317 - Standard 450mm Square Lane Type Frame and Grating (PDF, 59kb)
1P 50318 - Junction Chamber for Drainage Connections (PDF, 166kb) 
1P 50319 - Detail Plan of Typical Manhole Cover (PDF, 117kb)
1P 50320 - Standard MCC Overflow Bluestone Kerb (PDF, 52kb)
1P 50321 - Standard MCC Step Iron Details (PDF, 91kb) 
1P 50322 - Standard MCC Rung Ladder Detail (PDF, 67kb) 

Access ramps

1P 50115 - Pedestrian Refuge Island and Placement of Crossing Details (PDF, 76kb) 
1P 50200 - Kerb Access Ramp In Asphalt Footpath Typical Street Corner (PDF, 171kb) 
1P 50201 - Kerb Access Ramp In Bluestone Footpath Typical Street Corner (PDF, 170kb) 
1P 50516 - End of Island with Ramped Path and Sunken Path (PDF, 144kb)

Street furniture and signs

1P 50400 - Gib Key Socket and Post Installation/Fabrications Details (Seats, Parking and Traffic Signs) (PDF, 133kb) 
1P 50403 - Hazard Marker and Socket Installation Details (PDF, 166kb)  
1P 50403B - Bent Pipe Hazard Marker Frames Fabrication and Installation Details (PDF, 51kb) 
1P 50511 - Pipe Bollard with Concrete Infill (PDF, 62kb)
1P 50512 - Stainless Steel Bike Stand Installation Details (PDF, 110kb)
1P 50513 - Butt Bin Installation Details (PDF, 78kb)  
1P 50514 - Pedestrian Safety Fence (Federation Style) (PDF, 186kb)

Tree plots

1P 50401 - Tree Plot Installation Details (PDF, 116kb)  

Parking meters

1P 50500 - Reino Multi Parking Meter Installation Detail (PDF, 88kb)
1P 50501 - Pom 2 – Bay Centre of Road Parking Meter Pedestal Installation Details (PDF, 85kb)
1P 50502 - Cale Ticket Machine Installation Details (PDF, 101kb)

Metal street chair and bin