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Gym etiquette

Etiquette guidelines help ensure that all users have a safe and comfortable experience when using the gymnasium.

When using the gymnasium please ensure to follow these simple guidelines.

Bring a towel

Please carry a towel at all times when working out in order to cover mats and wipe down any equipment used. Towels are available for hire or purchase at reception if required.

Use the lockers

If you are carrying a bag or other bulky items, please store them in the lockers provided in both change rooms.

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear

Please wear clothing appropriate for a workout and wear closed shoes to protect your feet.

Bring a water bottle

It is important that you stay hydrated whilst exercising so please bring a water bottle with you and drink regularly.

They are also available from reception.

Youth members

Members under the age of 17 must hold a current North Melbourne Recreation Centre Youth Membership in order to use the gymnasium.

Return your equipment

Please remember to return your weights and equipment to their place when you have finished your workout. This is in the best interest of fellow members and guests.

When all equipment is in use

If the equipment you need is in use, ask to work in with another user or see a personal trainer if you would like to be shown an alternate exercise.

Speak to a personal trainer

If you need advice on technique, equipment use, or your program speak to a personal trainer in the gym for assistance and support to ensure you get the most out of your workout.


Smiling woman in red gym clothes with white towel over shoulder.