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What's on City of Melbourne

Other commercial waste

Cigarette butts

Cigarette butts make up about one-third of the one billion items of litter entering Melbourne’s waterways each year and can take up to 15 years to break down.

For more information on your responsibilities in managing cigarette butt litter around your business visit Cigarette butt disposal.

Crates and other containers

Empty milk crates, bread crates, oil drums, beer barrels and kegs left in the street around your business are unattractive and can cause accidents.  

All crates and other containers must be stored on your premises, either inside your building or within your property boundary.


The City of Melbourne does not collect bread, milk or chicken crates, as they remain the property of the original producer (such as Tip Top bakeries, National Dairies, etc).

Businesses must make arrangements with their suppliers for regular collection of crates.

Crates must remain on the business premises. In some instances, crates may be collected from a point adjacent to the premises if they are stacked in a neat and orderly fashion ready for collection.

Oil and liquid waste

Liquid waste, including waste and cooking oil, must not be placed in a bin or poured down the drain.

A fine of $2,000 applies for non-compliance.

Businesses need to make their own arrangements for the collection of oil and liquid waste. This means having the correct type of container that can be stored on the premises until collection day.

Hazardous waste

Many businesses, such as hairdressers, mechanics and medical centres, regularly generate hazardous waste. This may include:

  • kitchen chemicals
  • bathroom cleaners and solvents
  • workshop, garden and commercial and industrial chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals, poisons and motor fluids.

As a business it is your responsibility to arrange a commercial collection service.

A fine of $2,000 applies for non-compliance.

All hazardous waste must be disposed of according to the Victorian Environment Protection Act and any other relevant laws and guidelines.

Syringe bins for business program

The City of Melbourne also supports businesses to safely manage and dispose of syringe-related waste. In line with this support, the City of Melbourne is offering to provide and install up to three syringe disposal bins free of charge to eligible businesses in the municipality. Each bin supplied and installed is valued at approximately $120.

When installed in businesses, syringe bins also improve occupational health and safety and reduce risk and exposure to public liability.

Eligible businesses are those that:

  • have toilets or similar facilities frequented by the public such as restaurants / cafés, car parks, licensed venues, shopping malls, cinemas, churches, community centres, tourist sites, train / bus stations, universities, gyms
  • do not currently have syringe bins installed
  • agree to service the bins at their own cost for at least one year.

Register for the syringe bins for business program

  1. Contact the City of Melbourne on 03 9658 9658 to register your interest. The Syringe Management Officer will then be in touch to arrange a site visit and meeting. 
  2. If the site is appropriate, you will be advised how many bins can be installed and when installation is likely to happen.
  3. In order to finalise the installation of the free bins, you will need to provide evidence of an appropriate servicing contract, which specifies the contractor, the servicing schedule and costs, and a minimum one year servicing contract.

For more information about the program contact the City of Melbourne on 03 9658 9658.