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                    Urban forest

                    Melbourne’s tree population is vast – we have 70,000 council-owned trees, worth around $650 million. Trees are a defining part of Melbourne and our parks, gardens, green spaces and tree-lined streets contribute enormously to the liveability of the city.

                    ​But the trees are now under threat. More than a decade of drought, severe water restrictions and periods of extreme heat, combined with an ageing tree stock, have put our trees under immense stress and many are now in a state of accelerated decline. As a result, we expect to lose 27 per cent of our current tree population in the next decade and 44 per cent in the next 20 years.

                    Combined with this loss, Melbourne’s urban forest is facing two significant future challenges: climate change and urban growth.

                    The City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy seeks to manage this change and protect against future vulnerability by providing a robust strategic framework for the evolution and longevity of Melbourne's urban forest.

                    • Urban Forest Strategy

                      The City of Melbourne is facing the significant challenges of climate change, population growth and urban heating, placing pressure on the built fabric, services and people of the city. A healthy urban forest will play a critical role in maintaining the health and liveability of Melbourne.
                    • Urban Forest Precinct Plans

                      The Urban Forest Strategy sets out principles and targets to help us achieve our vision of a healthy, resilient and diverse urban forest. Sitting beneath this strategy, we have developed 10 precinct plans that guide how these principles are implemented in local neighbourhoods.
                    • Become a Citizen Forester

                      City of Melbourne is seeking citizen volunteers to participate in urban forest data collection projects.
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