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                    Disability services

                    The City of Melbourne understands how important it is to keep in touch with the services, activities and people in your neighbourhood.

                    We provide a large range of services, programs and initiatives that support people with disabilities, including comprehensive home support, community transport and mobility support and social and recreational activities.

                    Home and Community Care (HACC) program

                    The HACC services are available to help older people and people with disabilities maintain healthy, active and independent lifestyles in their own home and within the community, and to prevent inappropriate admission to long-term residential care.

                    For information on support services available under the HACC program for people with a disability and their carers, see Home and community care or contact us on the details below.

                    Support for residents

                    The Community information directory provides a range of directories including disability services, accommodation services and employment and advocacy services.

                    The following resources are available to help when you are out and about in the city.

                    Companion card

                    YMCA Access for All Abilities

                    Carer cards

                    Recharge scheme

                    Useful links and contacts

                    There are many online directories of information containing resources and contacts for people with disabilities. Included here are just some of those contacts.

                    Disability online


                    Other directories


                    Emergency and medical

                    Contact us

                    Contact name
                    Disability services
                    City of Melbourne
                    GPO Box 1603
                    Melbourne, Victoria
                    Telephone number
                    03 9658 9658
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