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                    Berthing licences and permits

                    As Committee of Management for Crown Land, City of Melbourne manages berthing on undeveloped wharves in Victoria Harbour.

                    Berthing licences for commercial vessels

                    The Docklands Berthing Licences refer to the following:

                    • A Crown Land Licence is required under Section 17B of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 offering longer term mooring of a vessel in Docklands’ Victoria Harbour. A Crown Land Licence offers a term of no more than three years, up to 30 June 2017. The City of Melbourne determines licence applications, which are approved by the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

                    A provision under the Crown Land Licence allows us to relocate a vessel or cancel the berthing licence to conduct redevelopment if it occurs during the licence tenure. The Docklands Berthing Licences will be administered and managed by us and will:

                    • set the scene for commercial waterway activity into the future
                    • provide consistent berthing conditions for all commercial vessels
                    • provide security of tenure
                    • regulate the relationship between water and land.

                    The Licences for Victoria Harbour will implement berthing conditions which will address issues within Docklands relating to:

                    • noise
                    • security
                    • seaworthiness
                    • the environment
                    • safety.

                    It will also apply consistent operating standards for access and utilisation of the wharf area next to the licensed area and the berth.

                    For more information see Crown Land Licence Berthing Conditions (PDF 190 KB).

                    Trading vessels

                    The Crown Land Licence will also include trading conditions which requires vessels seeking to operate and berth in Victoria Harbour to hold the relevant consents, compliances and approvals for vessels trading commercially. Applicants will need to meet the requirements to be approved for a Docklands berthing licence. Issues associated with large capacity vessels operating as event spaces will also be considered.

                    For more information see Crown Land Licence Trading Conditions (PDF 24 KB).

                    Berthing permit

                    A permit to moor is required under Part 8.2 of the Activities Local Law 2009, offering short term berthing of a commercial vessel for a period less than 90 days.

                    For further information about berthing availability and application process, please contact the Waterways Office.

                    Docklands Berthing Conditions

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