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                    1200 Buildings

                    Elevated view of Melbourne city buildings under a clear blue sky

                    Since 2010, the savvy owners of over 540 commercial office buildings in Melbourne have retrofitted to improve energy and water efficiency. Tuning and retrofitting commercial buildings to improve operational efficiency makes good business sense, improves staff productivity and reduces a building’s contribution to global warming.

                    The benefits of retrofitting buildings include future-proofing assets against rising energy and water costs – these improvements could attract environmentally-aware tenants. It also benefits society by lessening the sector’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. For more information about retrofitting buildings, see 1200 Buildings advice sheet (PDF 76 KB).

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                    Signatories to the 1200 Buildings Program embark upon challenging retrofit projects to improve the environmental performance, health and value of their buildings.
                    Find out why it's important to involve facility managers in a building retrofit from the initial planning stages.
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