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                    Starting a new business or expanding an existing business requires research to determine the size of the market, who your competitors are and more.

                    The City of Melbourne undertakes extensive research into various aspects of the municipality. As well as this we commission specific research and analyse and interpret data provided by organisations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). For example, we monitor pedestrian numbers at various locations, which would provide valuable data for those involved in the retail, hospitality or tourism sectors.

                    Through Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE), we compile statistics relating to each of the suburbs and areas contained within the municipality.

                    Visit our City of Melbourne Economic Profile website to view economic data on industries or locations in our city.

                    • Advanced manufacturing

                      The largest proportion of the advanced manufacturing sector in the City of Melbourne is concentrated at Fishermans Bend on the south-western edge of the central city.
                    • Biotechnology

                      The City of Melbourne plays an active role in supporting the biotechnology industry. We promote Melbourne’s development as a globally recognised, competitive and entrepreneurial knowledge city.
                    • Clean technology

                      Clean technology or Cleantech is a term used to distinguish technologies and services that offer both environmental and economic benefits.
                    • Creative industries

                      The City of Melbourne is the ideal environment for creative businesses to thrive.
                    • Healthcare

                      Australians enjoy a world-class health system provided by a mix of public and private services and professionals. Melbourne has a number of well-regarded public and private hospitals as well as world-renowned medical research facilities.
                    • Social enterprise

                      Social enterprises can be vital, energetic and entrepreneurial. They can add an extra dimension to the business world.
                    • Information technology

                      Melbourne has become known as the ‘hatching’ capital of Australia because of its strong research and development base, supportive start-up business environment and the presence of established information, communication and technology companies.
                    • Music

                      Melbourne has a world-famous music scene and diverse industry which includes businesses, venues, record labels, songwriters, musical performances, events and theatre productions.
                    • Events

                      Melbourne celebrates the best in design, food and wine, the great outdoors, music, the arts, fashion and great films at a variety of international festivals throughout the year.
                    • Tourism

                      Tourism supports the local economy, provides employment, contributes to the City of Melbourne's cultural vibrancy and has a positive impact on residents and businesses.
                    • Retail and hospitality

                      Melbourne’s central city has evolved in the past decade to become a premier global destination, creating a name as a vibrant, bold and innovative retail and hospitality centre. The city has experienced astounding growth, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate.
                    • Financial services

                      Melbourne is the financial services capital of Australia. Approximately half of Australia’s funds and superannuation assets are managed from Melbourne and the sector contributes nearly $22 billion in Gross Local Product to our city’s economy.
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