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                    Augmented Reality Forest

                    Woman wearing headphones in meditation pose overlaid with psychedelic colours
                    Create an interactive, augmented reality art space with artists Kate Geck and Halszka Masash.

                    Please note: This program is now fully booked. P​lease contact if you would like to be added to the waitlist.

                    Explore overlays of reality and make the real world more interesting by remixing with your devices. Learn about emerging augmented reality technologies in the creation of surface designs for an installation.

                    You can draw, paint or collage combining traditional fine art techniques with digital illustration and image manipulation. When scanned with a free smart phone app, your artworks will trigger digital content like gifs and sounds.

                    This collaborative installation will take the form of an interactive art forest- as mystic or realistic as your imagination desires!

                    Workshops: Tuesday 5 April to Saturday 9 April, 10am to 4pm

                    Installation: Friday 15 April, 6pm-8pm and Saturday 16 April, 1pm to 5pm

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