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Artist: Teacup Tumble

As part of Science Week, ArtPlay invites Teacup Tumble to share with us the science of shapes.

Dimensional is an acrobatic exploration of geometry. Two clowns invite audiences into their world of angles, faces, vertices and a giant mono-dodeca-tri-tetra-flexagon (say that three times fast!).

Join us as we play with the geometry of everyday objects and uncover the beauty of a flipping pyramid. And you'll be part of the fun too, as you help us create a large collaborative artwork which asks its own questions about shape. After this, we promise you’ll look at the world from a different angle!

Dimensional was developed in partnership with the Bendigo Discovery Centre and year 7s from Bendigo South East College.

Age: 5 to 12 years
Dates and times: Sunday 17 August, 11am to noon
Bookings essential: book online
Cost: $10 per person

All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Created by: Sally ChanceNursery

Enter the Nursery, a safe and special play space where delight is devised moment by moment and where babies and performers together create beauty and a sense of connection.

Presented by two dancers and a musician and developed through extensive research into ways in which babies and their adults tune into one another, Nursery offers an immersive experience of dance and music, carefully designed to invite the babies' investigation of the people, objects, movements, sounds and word-scapes within it.

“Babies and young children are like the R & D division of the human species..” Alison Gopnik

Age: Babies 4 to 18 months
Dates and times: Wednesday 10 September and Friday 12 September, 10.30am to 11.15am; noon to 12.45pm; Thursday 11 September and Saturday 13 September, 10.30am to 11.15am; noon to 12.45; 2pm to 2.45pm
Bookings essential: book online
Cost: $15 per child

This show is designed for adult and child pairs – one child with one adult


Artist: Alfredo Zinola and Felipe GonzalezPrimo

Presented by Melbourne Festival and ArtPlay

Imagination and wonder take centre stage in PRIMO, an underwater spectacle created especially for the creative minds of 2 to 5 year olds. From the depths of an aquatic dreamscape PRIMO conjures a vivid sensory journey, letting the creative power of your toddler’s imagination build a worlds of his or her own devising.

In a bright lit, clear-sided pool, two dancers jump, twirl and float their arms and legs a whirl of bubbles and colour. Pressing their faces to the windows, the young audience will find themselves transported, carried away on strange tides into a world of underwater adventures.

PRIMO is a co-production with SCHAUBUDE BERLIN, fabric Postdam, Fondazione T. r.g., Barnes Crossing. PRIMO is supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Fonds Darstellende Kunste e.V. and Small size, big citizens. The company’s travel to Melbourne has been made possible thanks to Kunststiftung NRW.

Please note there will also be a free artist talk at ArtPlay on Thursday 16 October at 4pm.

Age: 2 to 5 years

Dates and times: Wednesday 15, Thursday 16 and Saturday 18 October, 10.15am to 10.55am; 12noon to 12.40pm;
Friday 17 October and Sunday 19 October, 10.15am to 10.55am; 12noon to 12.40pm; and 2pm to 2.40pm
Bookings essential:
Cost: $15 per person

All children must be accompanied by an adult.