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Free stuff to explore

NOCTURNAL launch (light and sound installation)

Artists: Michael O'Dwyer, Emah Fox, Nilgun Guven with children at ArtPlay

Red cube on concrete floorOver 50 hand-crafted boxes have been made by children using native Australian timbers. Each child has explored their connection to place by creating their own soundscape which has been housed in his or her box.

This installation will see the boxes lit from within and scattered across the green hill outside ArtPlay, creating an enticing scene which glows in the dark. You are invited to wander through the installation, drawing near and picking up individual boxes as they reveal to you their own intimate soundscape.

Drinks and nibbles provided.

Age: Family
Launch: Saturday 7 June, 5pm start
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

ArtPlay Backyard

Artist: ArtPlay staff (1st week) and Anna Marie Holm (2nd week)

Children playing in ArtPlay's backyardCome and play in the ArtPlay Backyard.

We’ll have all sorts of materials on hand for you to create your artwork. Draw in the sand, build sculptures with recycled and natural materials or muck about with water. Make a mandala, wrap up some rope or ribbon and dream up your own mini landscape. Anything is possible!

These holidays we have a very special Backyard guest artist: Anna Marie Holm, all the way from Denmark. Anna Marie is the celebrated author of several books including ECO-ART with Small Children and The Art Club.

Don’t forget to wear warm clothes and bring a rain coat. The program will run whatever the weather!

Age: Family
Dates and times (with ArtPlay staff): Wednesday 2 July and Thursday 3 July, 10.30am to 12.30pm
Dates and times (with Anna Marie Holm): Wednesday 9 July to Sunday 13 July (every day), 10.30am to 12.30pm
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tape It (Expanded drawing and undrawing)

Colourful drawing made from electrical tapeArtist: Briony Barr

Imagine a drawing that has become bored of paper and wandered off the page in search of new adventure….If this sounds appealing, drop into ArtPlay for Tape It!, a collaborative, room-size, expanded drawing made of lines of colourful electrical tape.

Everyone of all ages can contribute to the artwork which may expand in many creative directions and dimensions. There will also be some very simple rules to guide those who would like to learn about generative art. All materials will be provided.

The drawing will run most of the day…that is, until the undrawing stage begins! Sometimes deconstruction is just another stage of creation…. Find out how when you come along to Tape It!

Age: Family
Dates and times: Wednesday 9 July, 10am to 2pm
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Floating Worlds (presentation)

Artist: Justin Dwyer with Briony Barr and children at ArtPlay

Child's face projected on bubble shape, next to moon imageWhat would you say to an alien? Children at ArtPlay have come up with some fascinating questions to ask the extra terrestrials visiting ArtPlay. What does space smell like? What planet are you from? Are you friendly?

See their messages projected onto smoke-filled bubbles as they pop out of an amazing bubble-making machine… and float on up through the space.

Come half an hour early and play with some bubbles before the show.

A world first! This presentation uses cutting edge technology developed by Justin Dwyer.

Age: Family
Dates and times: Sunday 13 July, 11am to 11.30am; 12noon to 12.30pm and 2pm to 2.30pm
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Too Hot for Spots (interactive exhibition)

Artist: Mini Goss and children at ArtPlay

'Scene from Too Hot for SpotsWhat’s wrong, Barry?' said Stella.

'I'm really hot... my head hurts, and I just feel yucky,' said Barry.

'Don't worry! I'm going to make you all better … and it won't hurt a bit.'

Who are Barry and Stella? Find out about Mini’s creations in this playful exhibition. See both working drawings and final images from her book Too Hot for Spots.

See characters and scenes made by children at ArtPlay as part of Mini’s workshops and be inspired to create your own. There’ll be card, wool, and fabric for making your protagonist, then have fun placing them in scenes from the books. Bring an ipad to take pictures of your artwork and find out how to make them into your own book. What adventures are in store for your characters?

Mini Goss is a Melbourne-based award winning author and illustrator, with more than 30 books published in many countries around the world. Mini draws readers into a world of imagination and humour, which appeals to children and parents alike. The Barry and Stella series features her own dog Barry and his real-life aunt Stella as knitted toys.

Exhibition launch: Sunday 13 July, 3pm to 4pm (Drinks and nibbles provided)
Age: Family
Dates and times: Wednesday 9 July to Sunday 17 August (open Wednesday to Sunday) *Note: At times exhibition may be closed during events, please contact ArtPlay for more information.
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

All Mapped Out (visual arts)

Artist: Phia Larsen

All mapped outThis Open House Melbourne, ArtPlay is All Mapped Out as we create a giant map of our own imagining!

There’ll be all sorts of map-related activities to try out including contributing to a giant map, drawing your own “street view” and mapping out your daily steps.

Giant map: Chose a section of the map to make your own, and find its grid location on the wall. Have a look at what’s already mapped out. Can you think what is missing from this imaginary place?

Street view: Create your own collage or drawing of what a place looks like from the street and add it to our ‘street view’ collection.

Tracing my steps: Have you ever tried to draw a map for someone else to use? Try and map a walk you do all the time, perhaps your trip from home to school?

Explore your world through Google maps and learn a few easy tricks for playing with maps and making your own mini worlds at home.

Open House Melbourne (OHM) Kids Book: And don’t forget to do some sketches of places you like in your OHM Kids activity book when you are out and about. You can use your drawings as inspiration for the map making or display your artwork at ArtPlay for others to see.

Age: Family
Dates and times: Sunday 27 July, 10am to 4pm
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

The Big Family Sing (group singing and show)

Artist: All Day Fritz

All Day Fritz bandSinging together is fun and very, very good for you! And All Day Fritz invites you – kids, parents and people of all ages and abilities – to join in.

All Day Fritz will lead you in this singing experience to explore the basics of group and harmony singing in a playful, social and inclusive atmosphere. You will learn some easy songs and simple harmony parts. Then you’ll be invited (if you choose) to perform one or two songs live for family and friends with the full All Day Fritz band as part of the Fritz Family Sing Choir in the show at 3pm.

All Day Fritz have an eclectic repertoire of non-patronizing and extremely groovy music for humans of all ages. Four part harmony, swingy, jazzy, rocky, funny, soul-y, calypso-y, plus very funky originals.

All Day Fritz are Karen Davitt (Madcows), John Fleming (Scared Weird Little Guys), Boris Conley (Spaghetti Western Orchestra/Play Me I'm Yours) and Jane Bayly (Crying in Public Places).

Age: Family
Dates and times: Sunday 10 August, Workshop: 2pm to 2.45pm; Show 3pm to 3.30pm
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Bark! Bark! Bark!

A Treehouse exhibition: Terry Denton’s illustrations, prints and plans from the series created with Andy Griffiths

drawing of dog with 'Bark' speech bubblePresented in partnership by the Melbourne Writers Festival and ArtPlay.

See original illustrations, prints and preliminary works by Terry Denton from the famous Treehouse series created with Andy Griffiths.

But that’s not all! Terry has painted a mammoth and magnificent mural on the ArtPlay gallery wall and you can add your own mark! Yes, you can draw your own Treehouse-inspired character, contraption or crazy critter – you really can – and watch as the mural grows and changes over the exhibition.

There will also be DIY activities such as making your own cartoons and flip books.

Supported by Pan Macmillan

Age: 6 to 12 years
Dates and times: Thursday 21 August to Sunday 14 September (open Wednesday to Sunday) *NB At times exhibition may be closed during events, please contact ArtPlay for more info
Free, no bookings required

Shelter (construction)

Artist: Avis Gardner and Liz Walker

Child with cat sitting in tepeeShelters come in all shapes and sizes. Tree-house, skyscraper, caravan, tepee or igloo – what kind of shelter does your family live in? What kind of shelter can you imagine and what kind of shelter would you like to build?

Come and be inspired: by environmental artists Avis Gardner and Liz Walker; by the many types of dwellings from all around the world; and by your imagination.

Construct a ‘shelter’ using a collection of found and recycled materials. Then create a picture that reflects what you think are the most important things you have in your home.

Age: 5 to 12 years
Dates and times: Sunday 7 September, noon to 4pm
Free, no bookings required

All children must be accompanied by an adult.