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                    A knowledge city

                    The development of Melbourne as a knowledge city has long been a priority for the City of Melbourne, which is a recognised early adopter of knowledge-based development strategy.

                    ​Today, the knowledge city concept remains a central component to the City of Melbourne's vision of the city, with one of eight strategic goals of the Council Plan 2013-17 explicitly detailing the Council's aspiration:

                    Goal 4: A knowledge city

                    We continue to develop new ways to gather and share information to support those whose innovations and developments underpin the growth of the city. We broaden understanding and respect for Melbourne’s diverse knowledge sector and ensure learning can be a lifelong process.

                    The Council’s four year outcomes

                    Download this section of the Council Plan

                    Benefits of a knowledge city

                    Our prioritisation for developing a knowledge city is based on several emerging realisations and positions:

                    • The transition towards a knowledge-based economy is a global phenomenon and there are advantages to cities that lead this transition.
                    • That knowledge city development attracts and retains talented people and organisations, increasing the city’s knowledge capacity and further attracting talented people and organisations.
                    • The capacity to absorb and leverage innovation and new technologies from abroad is enhanced.
                    • The capacity to find local solutions to pressing challenges is enhanced.
                    • Rewarding and better paid employment opportunities are created.
                    • Businesses enjoy better access to supply chains, new markets and new investment.
                    • A flourishing knowledge sector creates spin-off benefits for other industries; for example, the retail and hospitality sectors benefit from visiting conference participants and residing international students.
                    • The entrepreneurial culture emanating from knowledge cities can spur the establishment of organisations that transform local economies and put cities on the global map.
                    • Higher education and research

                      Melbourne’s universities are integral to Victoria’s economic, social and community development. The City of Melbourne is home to the main campuses of the University of Melbourne and RMIT University and the city campuses of a further seven universities.
                    • Business in the knowledge economy

                      Businesses are at the heart of Melbourne’s knowledge economy. The collaboration between businesses and the research sector forms a vibrant knowledge and innovation ecosystem, leading to new ideas and successful business ventures.
                    • Community and the knowledge economy

                      ​The success of a city's knowledge economy depends on how effectively it is integrated with the community. The City of Melbourne has a diverse range of spaces, programs and events to encourage lifelong learning and community growth.
                    • Melbourne’s knowledge economy

                      Melbourne has a strong knowledge economy. In 2015, 6609 businesses and organisations in the knowledge sector provided 293,319 jobs. The sector has a total output of $99 billion and contributes $58.7 billion in Gross Local Product to the City of Melbourne economy.
                    • A Knowledge City Strategy 2014-18

                      A Knowledge City Strategy 2014-18 outlines the City of Melbourne’s contribution to the ongoing development of the municipality’s knowledge capacity, culture and reputation.
                    • Melbourne Knowledge Fellowship

                      The City of Melbourne, in conjunction with International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) and the Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund offer an exciting opportunity for an international fellowship.
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