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                    An eco-city

                    We provide solid foundations for the sustainability of Melbourne’s communities. We embrace the unfamiliar if it helps us achieve our ambitions. We continue to encourage our community to take positive actions and we lead by example locally, nationally and globally.

                    Our achievements

                    We practice what we preach. After more than fifteen years of working to become one of the world’s most sustainable cities, our organisation became carbon neutral in 2012.

                    We built Council House 2, Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star new office design in 2006. In 2014 Library at The Dock was completed through a unique partnership between Lend Lease, City of Melbourne and Places Victoria. Library at The Dock sets new environmental benchmarks, as Australian's first public building constructed primarily from cross laminated timber and recycled hardwood.

                    We are also working hard to reduce our emissions impact through financing of up to $30m from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. We will invest in upgrading our street lighting network with energy efficient LED bulbs, installing 300 kW rooftop solar panels on Council and community facilities and implementing other sustainability initiatives based on the outcomes of a five year Council emissions reduction plan.

                    Long-term community goal

                    What we'll aim for:

                    • an eco-city.

                    We'll track progress in terms of:

                    • ​municipal emissions: tonnes of greenhouse pollution (CO2 – e) per resident and per worker in the municipality.

                    The Council's four-year outcomes

                    What we'll aim for:

                    • Our greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.
                    • Less municipal waste-to-landfill with less negative impact on amenity from collecting waste.
                    • Sustainable water management.
                    • Increased biodiversity and tree canopy cover in the municipality.
                    • Climate change impacts on the municipality are managed.

                    We'll track progress in terms of:

                    • the proportional change in greenhouse gas emissions generated by City of Melbourne activities, per year.
                    • the proportional change in total tonnes of waste to landfill.
                    • the volume of complaints per capita about waste removal the City of Melbourne receives, per year.
                    • the proportional change in the capacity of infrastructure to capture and reuse stormwater, per year.
                    • the percentage of tree canopy cover of the municipality, annually.
                    • the proportional change in the number of residents who are aware of climate change-related risks and the actions they should be taking, annually.

                    Download this section of the Council Plan

                    Key programs and actions

                    Eco city forums

                    CitySwitch Green Office program

                    Urban Forest Strategy

                    New technologies

                    Green transport

                    Water management

                    Solar program

                    1200 Buildings

                    Zero net emissions

                    Climate change adaptation

                    Waste Management

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                    ​Sustainability stories

                    We asked residents and visitors about sustainability, Melbourne's initiatives and what change is needed. View the videos.

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