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What's on City of Melbourne

Council actions

Path alongside river with city in background

Total Watermark – City as a Catchment outlines the City of Melbourne’s goal to become a water sensitive city.

Office building covered in coloured decorations resembling leaves

We have set an ambitious target for Melbourne to become a carbon neutral city by 2020.

Boats on bay with city in background

The City of Melbourne is taking action to prepare for climate change.

A green roof

Green roofs, walls and facades are some of the City of Melbourne’s latest tools in the work to adapt our city to climate change.

National Carbon Offset Standard - Carbon Neutral Organisation

We are committed to maintaining our carbon neutral status and have been re-certified for the 2013-14 financial year.

For business

1200 Buildings

Exterior of office building

Are you a building owner or manager? Retrofit your building, save energy and money and help cut emissions within the municipality.

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Building green

Graphic of lightning symbol, recycle symbol and water drop symbol

Want to green your building? This toolkit has more than 70 initiatives designed to improve performance while reducing costs.

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Green hotels

Lightbulb being changed

How can your city hotel cut waste and reduce water and energy consumption? Our study shows that you could save 4.8 litres of waste and 15.3 litres of water per guest per night.

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Sustainable Fund

Logo for Sustainable Melbourne Fund

Sustainable Melbourne Fund is a commercially oriented, independently managed unit trust established by Melbourne City Council in 2002 to progress sustainable development in greater Melbourne.

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