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Signal spaces


  • Signal Space: multi-purpose space
  • Signal Studio: workshop space
  • Signal Street: Les Erdi Plaza
  • Signal Screen: projective windows for multimedia art works
  • Signal Sound: an 18-speaker sound walk for sound artwork

Signal Space

Downstairs at Signal is an intimate multi-purpose space which opens out onto the Les Erdi Plaza (Signal Street). Fitted out with black curtains and theatre lighting, this space can seat up to 50 people and can be converted into a gallery, performance or workshop space.

Signal Studio

Upstairs at Signal is an open-plan space perfect for workshops and creative making. It includes a multimedia area equipped with four Apple Mac computers. The space receives loads of natural light, as it is surrounded by nearly 360 degree windows and has stunning river and city views.

Signal Street

The Les Erdi Plaza in front of Signal and the Sandridge Bridge is a large public outdoor space with a raised stage area, the Signal Sound wall running along its northern side. The space can be used as an outdoor gallery, performance area, or for other larger events and gatherings. It is uniquely located between the Yarra River and Flinders Street Station, framing an up-close view of the cityscape.

Signal Screen

The Signal building features iGlass technology in its window façade. This new technology creates a great medium for use as a projection screen – visible only at night.

After dark, the Signal screen will showcase quality digital media work created by, with and for young people.

Signal Sound

The path leading from Flinders Street Station to Signal has been wired for sound, with 18 speakers attached to path light poles.

Speakers can be isolated into three sections, allowing for a huge range of sound installations and experiences.

Most of the work heard through Signal sound is created by or for young people. We’ll showcase existing work and run workshops for young people to master the system and create new works.

If you have something to play through the Signal sound system, please let us know by emailing

See What else is happening at Signal.

The Signal building's environmental design concepts

The Signal building was once – quite literally – a signal box. It signalled trains in and out of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station.

Once the signal box was decommissioned, it was left to its own devices. The box was damaged by fire several times before the City of Melbourne recognised its potential.

Simple environmental design concepts were employed in converting the building from a disused railway signal box into its current use as a creative studio for young people in Melbourne. At night, heat is purged from the building and collected rainwater is used to flush toilets. Reclaimed timber was used on the stairwell and photo-voltaic panels feed the computers, projectors and automatic controls on efficient lighting.

Signal equipment

The following equipment is available for use at Signal:

Signal equipment list (PDF 80KB)
Signal equipment list (RTF 66KB)

Signal building and site plan

Building and site plan (PDF 286KB) 
Building and site plan (Word 6.8MB) 

Graphic of Signal Walk