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What's on City of Melbourne

Road Management Plan

The Victorian Government's Road Management Act provides for each road authority throughout the state to prepare a Road Management Plan.

The plan must identify responsibilities, maintenance standards and inspection regimes required to manage civil liability and must demonstrate that the City of Melbourne as the road authority is responsibly managing all of the road assets within its control.

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The City of Melbourne proposes to amend its Road Management Plan in line with a recent review of the document. The proposed amendments seek to:

  • broaden the range of assets managed under the provisions of the Road Management Plan
  • clarify the work process
  • amend road asset register details 
  • update references, tables and diagrams 
  • make miscellaneous corrections where required
  • revise selected intervention standards and response times and 
  • ensure that the standards in relation to, and priorities to be given to, the inspection, maintenance and repair of the roads and classes of road to which the Road Authority’s Road Management Plan applies are safe, efficient and appropriate for the use by the community served by the Road Authority.

The proposed amendment will apply to all of the roads and classes of roads to which the Road Management Plan applies.

Any person who objects to the proposed amendment may make a written submission marked ‘Proposed amendment of Road Management Plan’ and forward it to the City of Melbourne as follows:

All submissions must be received by Wednesday 2 July 2014.

Copies of the proposed amendment and the City of Melbourne’s current Road Management Plan are provided below. Hard copies may be viewed at the offices of the City of Melbourne’s Engineering Services Branch, level 4, 200 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.

Current and previous versions of the Road Management Plan

The City of Melbourne's Road Management Plan was first adopted in August 2004 and was amended in February 2010 to: