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Motorcycle parking

Melbourne is the only capital city in Australia where you can legally park a motorcycle on the footpath.

You can also park in one of over 300 on-road parking spaces within the central city which are designated specifically for motorcycles.

How to park your motorcycle on a footpath


  • dismount and walk your motorcycle while you are on the footpath
  • ensure your motorcycle is at least one motorcycle length out from the building line to allow free passage of pedestrians (this is important as people with a visual and/or physical impairment may use the building line for navigation)
  • park at least one motorcycle wheel diameter back from the road kerb, to allow pedestrians free access to and from the road and to parked vehicles (You can leave less space between your motorcycle and the kerb if you park next to a “no stopping" zone).

Do not park

  • where signs indicate that motorcycles are not allowed to park
  • opposite any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities (marked with a wheelchair sign and symbol)
  • where space is reserved for footpath activities such as street cafés
  • on or near service access points, such as manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins
  • near taxi ranks or bus and tram stops
  • on private property without permission from the property owner.

No stopping areas for motorcycles

No stopping area for motorcycles sign

Safe motorcycle parking is especially important in Melbourne’s central city where there are large numbers of pedestrians and motorcycles.

To ensure that streets are kept safe for all users, motorcycle parking on the footpath has been banned in three locations:

  • Collins Street, south side footpath, between Exhibition Street and George Parade
  • Flinders Lane, south side footpath, between Port Phillip Arcade and Elizabeth Street
  • Exhibition Street, west side footpath, adjacent to Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Signs at these three locations clearly state that motorcycle parking on the footpath is not allowed. Fines apply if you park a motorcycle there illegally.

Motorcycle parking was banned at these locations based on a thorough assessment according to the following criteria:

  • concentration of pedestrian movements in the area
  • existence of kerbside activities such as outdoor cafes and stalls
  • the impact on urban amenity
  • use of area by public transport services such as bus and tram stops
  • impact on street furniture and other fixtures (eg seats, phone booths etc)
  • the nature of adjacent kerbside parking (eg disabled bays, taxi zones etc)
  • guidelines in support of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • availability of alternative on-street and off-street parking for motorcycles.

These criteria were developed by the ‘Motorcycles in the City of Melbourne’ forum attended by City of Melbourne, Motorcycle Riders Association (MRA), Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC), RACV, Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC), the Federated Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) and VicRoads. 

Further information on motorcycle parking

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