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What's on City of Melbourne

Parking fines

So that motorists have equal access to the limited supply of on-street parking, the City of Melbourne encourages a regular turnover of parking bays by enforcing parking restrictions and issuing parking fines.

Parking and traffic laws apply to ensure the safe and fair use of Victoria's roads. Specific parking restrictions and the City of Melbourne’s parking permit system help make parking available for both residents and visitors.

If you park illegally in the City of Melbourne, you risk being fined. If you do not pay the fine, additional costs will be added.

If a parking fine remains unpaid, a warrant may be issued and your property may be seized and sold to satisfy the amount owing.

Parking fine increase

Amendments to the Road Safety Act 1986 allow for the value of parking fines to increase annually to allow for inflation. Previously, not all parking offences were subject to annual increases. Go to Collection of overdue parking fines for information.

Car parked on Melbourne street