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What's on City of Melbourne

Skate safe

Skate smart and avoid putting yourself and others at risk. When travelling through the city and Docklands consider others and remember to share the space.

Skate Safe

The City of Melbourne encourages all young people to use the city, including skaters. The skate safe program aims to talk to skaters as peers. A skaters code of conduct, skate ambassadors, and other information encourage skaters to consider other footpath users and share the space. It also addresses busy routes and limited access spots to make it easier for everyone to get around our streets.

Since the program was launched, thousands of skateboarders and businesses have been engaged with great results.

Skate Ambassadors

It’s important that skaters skate as safely as possible and follow advice on skating in the municipality. The skate ambassador program is a peer education program to encourage skateboarders to ride safely in the City of Melbourne.

Skate ambassadors, who also work as skate services officers at the Riverslide Skatepark, promote a ‘skating code of conduct’ and educate skaters on safe skating practices in and around the CBD.

The ambassadors also help businesses throughout the municipality understand the best way to engage with skaters to reduce confrontation if issues arise.

Skate Safe code of conduct

The City of Melbourne has guidelines for skaters and BMX riders – the Skate Safe Code of Conduct – to help avoid conflict (or worse, collisions) on our streets. If you are skating respectfully you are less likely to get a fine. The Skate Safe Code of Conduct says:

  • use your head and skate/ ride according to your ability
  • stay in control so you're ready to stop when you need to
  • slow down when overtaking pedestrians
  • give way to people in front and beside you
  • wear the right safety gear
  • don't bunch up when travelling in groups
  • walk through congested areas
  • slow down when passing young children and older people
  • avoid sessioning in the CBD and Docklands (keep it for the skate parks)
  • respect sensitive sites and furniture and avoid getting a penalty
  • some routes get pretty busy – avoid these.

Keep your wheels off the furniture

Some things are just not designed for skating. While they might be tempting, do the right thing and save your tricks for the skate park.

Skating and the law

If you break the law, you could be fined up to $500 for property damage, causing a nuisance, causing excessive noise or endangering others. You can avoid this by:

  • considering others and their requests if reasonable
  • obeying directions of security, local law officers and police
  • riding safely and responsibly
  • not causing a nuisance
  • avoiding causing damage to property
  • not being drawn along by any vehicle.

If there's an emergency

If you are involved in or see an accident:

  • work out your location
  • assess injuries
  • call 000 for police or ambulance.

Skate safe poster