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Drawing of a dog

Resources to promote responsible pet ownership, including information on registration, desexing, cleaning up after your dog, and leashing requirements.

Drawing of a cat jumping a fence

What to do if you have lost your pet or if you have found an animal.

Drawing of a dog

City of Melbourne provides animal management services including registration, investigation and education about responsible pet ownership.

Drawing of a cat with a registration tag and microchip

To help keep pets safe, all pet owners are required by law to microchip and register their cat or dog with their local council.

Drawing of a dog

Dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs are treated differently by law.

Information about

Buying a pet

Drawing of a cat

There are many known benefits to pet ownership but there are many important things to consider before purchasing a pet.

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Drawing of a dog being scanned for a microchip

Microchipping and registration make it easier to identify and return impounded cats and dogs.

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Drawing of a cat and kittens

The City of Melbourne recommends that cats and dogs be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Registration fees are reduced for desexed animals.

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Walking your dog

Drawing of a person walking a dog

The City of Melbourne requires dogs to be leashed in all public areas of the municipality except for designated off-leash areas in parks.

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