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Desexing your cat or dog

The City of Melbourne recommends that cats and dogs be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Desexing can help make animals less aggressive and easier to control.

Thousands of healthy animals in Australia are euthanised each year due to the over population and an over-supply of animals. In many cases, animals are bred by accident.

Benefits of desexing include:

  • helping to reduce over-population (especially in cats)
  • pets being less prone to wander or fight
  • reducing territorial behaviour such as spraying indoors
  • pets being less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviours - they can become more affectionate and better companions
  • helps reduce the risk of certain types of cancer

Desexing also makes it cheaper to register your cat or dog. You can save more than a third of the registration cost.

Desexing fees – dogs


Age of dog Discounted
desexing fee
Owner pays   Council pays
Female mature (over 7 months)   $255 $170  $85 
Female immature (under 7 months)   $210 $140  $70 
Male  $195   $130 $65 

Desexing fees – cats


Age of cat Discounted
desexing fee
Owner pays Council Pays 
Female mature (over 7 months)   $195 $130   $65
Female immature (under 7 months)    $165  $110  $55
Male   $110  $75  $35

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Desexing voucher scheme

The desexing voucher scheme provides pet owners with a 33 per cent reduction in the cost of desexing their cats and dogs.

City of Melbourne residents who hold any of the following Federal Government cards are eligible to participate in the desexing voucher scheme:

  • Pensioner Health Benefits Card
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Concession Card
  • Health Benefits Card
  • Health Care Card.

Desexing vouchers are available from City of Melbourne in person, at the Melbourne Town Hall, 190-200 Swanston Street, Melbourne. Proof of the concession or benefit card is required. If your pet is over three months of age, evidence of pet registration is also required.

Using the desexing voucher

Present the desexing voucher to your vet. You will be required to pay the vet two-thirds of the cost of the procedure. The City of Melbourne will then pay your vet the remaining one-third of the cost.

Desexing voucher scheme conditions

  • A maximum of two desexing vouchers will be issued per household.
  • Pets must be vaccinated and have a current vaccination certificate.
  • If your pet is a female older than seven months an extra charge applies.

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