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What's on City of Melbourne

For Residents

Suburban street

The City of Melbourne issues parking permits to people who live in residential areas within the municipality. Parking bays can also be reserved for special events.

People walking through a park

Pay your rates, understand concession packages, discover what your rates pay for, and read about how we calculate rates and value your property.

Picture of a doorway

Resident groups represent local residents and provide opportunities for the local community to come together and discuss what's important to them.

Time to trim trees and plants

During summer, the City of Melbourne will be on the lookout for trees or plants that are overhanging or obstructing public areas.

Waste, recycling and noise

Recycling and waste collections and other information on reducing, reusing and recycling.

Street art

Report graffiti or order a free kit for residents to remove graffiti yourself. Also read about street cleaning and repairs, bins, and cigarette butts.