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What's on City of Melbourne


Assortment of vegetables

The City of Melbourne is responsible for monitoring public health issues, providing advice for food businesses and dealing with complaints.

'Green light, Eat Right' graphic of green creature with wings and a halo

Green Light Eat Right is a nutrition program utilising a traffic light system to classify food menus and packaged items.

Deli foods

The City of Melbourne regularly inspects food premises to ensure the food they serve is safe.

'Deposit used syringes here' sign

Information on local drug and alcohol-related support services, organisations and programs.

The City of Melbourne provides a range of free services to ensure that needles and syringes are disposed of safely.

Some pests carry diseases, so an infestation of pests can be a health and safety hazard for you and your neighbours.

Bad smells such as blocked drains, fumes, compost and rubbish can cause a nuisance to neighbours and, if severe, can also affect people's health.


Substance abuse

Crowded CBD street

The City of Melbourne recognises the importance of addressing issues relating to both legal and illicit drug use.

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'No smoking' image - a cigarette with a red line through it

Smoking in public places and the sale of tobacco is strictly controlled in Victoria.

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CBD skyline at night

The City of Melbourne is working to minimise the social, economic and health-related harms associated with problem drug and alcohol use for individuals and the wider community.

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Glasses of wine

Consumption of alcohol is banned in public places in the Central Business District 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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