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Youth support services

Youth service providers 2013-2016

The City of Melbourne funds three major youth service providers in the municipality who provide a range of crisis, social support, recreation and education programs for young people in the central city and neighbourhood areas.

Following a tender process, the following organisations have been awarded contracts to deliver youth services on behalf of the City of Melbourne for 2013 to 2016:
  • Frontyard Youth Service, Melbourne City Mission (City-based youth service)
  • Doutta Galla Community Health (Kensington/North Melbourne Neighbourhood youth service)
  • Drummond Street Relationship Centre (Carlton/Parkville youth service).

Frontyard Youth Services

19 King Street (near Flinders Lane)
Phone: 03 9611 2411 or Freecall: 1800 800 531
Website: Frontyard Youth Services

Frontyard offers a collection of co-located services which address the physical, emotional and social needs of young people aged 12 to 25 years who spend time in Melbourne CBD and are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Young people can access support in relation to:

  • accommodation referral
  • Centrelink
  • clothing
  • computer access
  • employment
  • family support and mediation
  • food and material aid
  • general information and support
  • health (doctors, nurses and dentists)
  • Job Services Australia (JSA)
  • legal advice
  • mailing address
  • New Start Allowance
  • sexual health
  • substance abuse
  • transport fines
  • work rights.

The Frontyard Youth Service comprises of manager and youth worker positions and shared costs, such as rent and utilities, which is funded by the City of Melbourne. Melbourne Citymission is the lead agency responsible for governing and managing the operational development of Frontyard in accordance with its strategic direction and Funding and Service Agreement with the City of Melbourne.

Most services are drop-in so no appointment is necessary. Services include:

  • Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS)
  • Melbourne Gateway Reconnect
  • Youth People’s Health Service (YPHS)
  • Job Services Australia (JSA)
  • Youthlaw
  • Youth Transition Model (YTM)
  • Family Reconciliation and Mediation Program (FRMP) 
  • Department of Human Services Centrelink
  • Youth Connections
  • Young and Pregnant Parenting Program
  • Visiting services that include Youth Substance Abuse Service (YSAS). 

The Drum – Youth Services, Drummond Street Relationship Centre

Ground Floor
Carlton Primary School
150 Palmerston Street


195 Drummond Street, Carlton
Phone: 9663 6733
Website: drummond street services

The Drum – Youth Services is located in Carlton and targets young people aged 12 to 25 years who live, study, work and/or visit the Carlton/Parkville area. It features a comprehensive mix of youth programs and services including:

  • Engagement programs and activities: this includes sport and recreation activities; mixed medium arts-based programs including visual arts, multi-media, and music.
  • Professional development and life skills programs: leadership training, youth participation.
  • Vocational, education and employment connection and support programs:  homework club and tutoring support; school re-engagement programs; employment and VET pathways; and Information Communication Technology programs.
  • Targeted interventions (such as case management and counselling) for young people with specific needs or health risks including:
    • mental health problems or having a parent with a mental illness
    • challenging behaviours such as alcohol and other drug use, antisocial behavior or victims of family and community violence
    • young people at risk of disconnection from family, peers, school and community
    • young people from special needs groups such as refugee and humanitarian entrants, African young people, young people residing in public housing and International students.

Doutta Galla Community Health – Youth Service

Youth Services offers a range of services and programs to young people, who live, work and recreate in North Melbourne, Kensington and West Melbourne.

They provide short-term individual support, youth counselling, referral and advocacy to young people aged 12 to 25 years on a range of challenges they may be facing, including housing, legal, relationships and employment.

Youth Services run various programs for young people in a range of settings. Programs include sport and recreation, art, education and employment, as well as circus skills for young women, hip hop dancing, song writing, soccer and health and wellbeing workshops. Programs are culturally appropriate, accessible and developed in consultation with community.

Youth Services refer young people to a range of health professionals including GPs, a refugee health nurse, mental health nurses and dental where required.  All staff are experienced in working with young people.

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