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New commercial zones and revised industrial zones

About the changes 
Public consultation 
Current status   
New and revised zones 
Background information

About the changes

On 15 July 2013 the Minister for Planning introduced new commercial zones and modified industrial zones into all planning schemes in Victoria.

Replacement of the Business Zones with new Commercial Zones

The five business zones were consolidated into two new commercial zones:

  • the Commercial 1 Zone replaced the Business 1, Business 2 and Business 5 Zones
  • the Commercial 2 Zone replaced the Business 3 and Business 4 Zones.

Generally the new commercial zones broaden the range of activities that are allowed, without the need for a planning permit and remove existing floor area restrictions.

The Commercial 1 Zone (PDF, 135kb):  

  • Allows tavern, hotel, and gaming premises without a planning permit, unless in a strip shopping centre where gaming premises are prohibited (a permit for a liquor license will however still be required).
  • Removes permit requirements for all retail uses (except for adult bookshop)
  • Removes permit requirements for all accommodation uses (other than a corrective institution, which is prohibited) subject to satisfying a 2 metre frontage condition
  • Exempts buildings and works from notice and appeal rights, unless the land is within 30 metres of a residential zone, a hospital or an education centre.

The Commercial 2 Zone (PDF, 135kb):

  • Prohibits accommodation, except for caretaker’s house, motel and residential hotel which require a permit.
  • Allows office, warehouse and industry without a planning permit.
  • Allows a range of retailing uses without a planning permit, including:
    • Restricted retail premises (bulky goods)
    • Supermarkets up to 1800m2, if land adjoins or has access to a road in a Road Zone
    • Shop(s) with a combined floor area up to 500m2 where adjoining or having access to a road in a Road Zone, and food and drink premises up to 100m2.
  • Allows a permit to be obtained for supermarkets greater than 1800m2 where accessible via a Road Zone.

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Modified industrial zones

The modified industrial zones can be found here:

The main changes are as follows:

  • The default floor area restriction for an office of 500 square metres in the Industrial 1 Zone, Industrial 2 Zone and Industrial 3 Zone were removed.  Councils will have the ability to schedule in a floor space requirement through a planning scheme amendment.
  • In the Industrial 3 Zone, small scale supermarkets of up to 1800 square metres and associated shops of up to 500 square metres in all metropolitan planning schemes do not require a planning permit. Supermarkets greater than 1800 square metres and shops without an associated supermarket are prohibited in metropolitan planning schemes in the Industrial 3 Zone.

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Public consultation

Information about the consultation undertaken by the Ministerial Advisory Committee, the Committee’s report and the government’s response is available here:

Current status

The zones were introduced into planning schemes on 15 July 2013.


New and revised zones

Background information

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