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Construction zone permits

A construction zone is a zone or space on a carriageway dedicated to the temporary parking of construction vehicles, tradespeople's vehicles or material delivery vehicles.

Council regulates the orientation and location of these zones to strike a balance between site amenity and public safety and amenity.

Pre-application consultation/ approvals

The location, configuration and operation of Construction Zones on larger or more complex projects needs to be considered as part of the Construction Management Plan (CMP) for the site and the Construction Zone approval may be dependant of first obtaining approval of the CMP. Please indicate if meetings or discussions have been held with Council’s Construction Management Group or Engineering Services.

Information/ documentation to accompany an application

  • Covering letter detailing the intended use of the zone i.e. loading/ unloading, waiting bay etc. Where the use will change over time due to the staging of construction i.e. demolition, excavation, construction individually detail each stage and its  expected duration.
  • A scaled drawing (min 1:500) showing the following information
    • The location and dimensions of the space required including any barriers etc
    • The location of existing signage, parking meters, street furniture and other objects that may need to be relocated. 
    • A clear carriageway width of 3.3 m minimum between the construction zone and the parking opposite on a one way street or the centre-line on a two-way street. If this is not possible parking must be removed/ banned opposite the construction zone. Loss of revenue provisions may apply.
    • Where a widened construction zone (generally wider than 2.4 m) is requested provide a traffic management plan that includes details associated with the diversion of traffic lanes around the construction zone.
    • The proposed construction zone must not encroach into any bike lanes unless a corresponding traffic management plan has been prepared and approved. 
    • The plan must also show appropriate line marking to be placed on the approach to the construction zone to deflect through traffic away from the construction zone.
  • Where the construction zone is proposed to be located in front of an   adjoining property site, written consent from the adjacent property occupier is to be  provided. 
  • Any traffic management plans submitted must be in accordance with City of  Melbourne – Engineering Services Construction Traffic Management Plan Fact  Sheet.


A construction zone permit for a six-month period or part thereof attracts a rental fee as noted in the schedule of fees. This entitles the bearer to four car parking spaces on the street frontage of the associated property. Each additional space required attracts an additional fee as per the schedule of fees.

Loss of revenue/ compensation

Where the installation of the Construction Zone will result in the loss of metered parking (excluding parking in front of development site) compensation for loss of revenue must be provided. Loss of metered parking may occur directly i.e. due to location of construction zone or indirectly i.e. due to relocation of bus stop, loading bay etc.

Council’s Engineering Services will provide written advice on the level of compensation required and a written undertaking to pay the compensation will be required prior to a work order being placed with Council’s contractor. The compensation is required to be paid for the entire period.


The time required to assess, approve and install a construction zone varies depending on the Construction Management Plan (CMP) requirements and the complexity of the request. This includes the overall impact on the public, adjoining businesses, trees, street furniture, meters, line marking, specially designated parking areas (taxis, disabled persons, loading zones) and the requirements of other stakeholders such as bus and tram operators.

A minimum 35 days weeks is required to process and install a construction zone. An application will not be accepted if a Construction Managaement Plan Approval is required and has not been obtained. Builders and developers are urged to make their applications as early as possible to avoid delays.


Permit conditions that may be related to times and type of use must be strictly adhered to at all times. In addition all traffic regulations must be complied with.
The construction zone permit expires on the completion of building works or the permit expiry date, whichever is sooner. Upon completion of work Council will arrange for the reinstatement of street furniture, signs and footpaths.

Alternatives to Construction Zone – Reserved Parking (formerly TSA) & Tradesperson Parking

Where the installation of a Construction Zone is not considered appropriate due to the expected duration of work being less than 6 months or the number of spaces being less than 4, alternative parking solutions may be available. For further information visit Parking.

Application form

For application forms please visit the application forms page.

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