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What's on City of Melbourne

Socio-Economic Index for Areas (SEIFA)

Complementing the Suburb Economic and Demographic Profiles is the Socio-Economic Index for Areas (SEIFA).

What is SEIFA?

SEIFA is a summary index based on selected data from the ABS Census of Population and Housing. SEIFA is a suite of four indexes which rank areas in Australia in terms of their socio-economic characteristics. A SEIFA summarises the characteristics of people and households within an area. Each index measures a different aspect of social and economic well being. Socio-economic advantage or disadvantage refers to people's access to material and social resources and their ability to participate in society.

What is SEIFA for?

The SEIFA indexes are a useful way to show how one area/community compares to another area/community — this is particularly valuable when prioritising the allocation of resources. SEIFA data is often used in submissions to state and federal governments, where areas need to be compared in terms of relative advantage/disadvantage to secure funding.

What does the data say about the municipality?

At a broad level, the resident population of the City of Melbourne is relatively advantaged — as measured by three of the four SEIFA indexes in the current report. However, the range of SEIFA scores for the municipality's areas — extremely high and extremely low — reflects the unique and diverse nature of the resident population. That is, the pockets of disadvantage are deep and conversely the areas of advantage are high.

The City of Melbourne has available the following SEIFA reports:

The municipality
SEIFA – City of Melbourne (PDF 1.3MB)
SEIFA – City of Melbourne (Text only, 2.5MB)

Melbourne (including Melbourne CBD)
SEIFA – Melbourne (including Melbourne CBD) (PDF 1.6MB)
SEIFA – Melbourne (including Melbourne CBD) (Text only, 2.5MB)

SEIFA – Carlton (PDF, 1.0MB)
SEIFA – Carlton (Text only, 2.1MB)

SEIFA – Docklands (PDF, 1.0MB)
SEIFA – Docklands (Text only, 2.5MB)

East Melbourne
SEIFA – East Melbourne (PDF, 966kb)
SEIFA – East Melbourne (Text only, 2.1MB)

SEIFA – Kensington (PDF, 977kb)
SEIFA – Kensington (Text only, 2.1MB)

North Melbourne
SEIFA – North Melbourne (PDF, 1.0MB)
SEIFA – North Melbourne (Text only, 2.1MB)

SEIFA – Parkville (PDF, 971kb)
SEIFA – Parkville (Text only, 2.1MB)

SEIFA – Southbank (PDF, 1.0MB)
SEIFA – Southbank (Text only, 2.5MB)

South Yarra
SEIFA – South Yarra (PDF, 887kb)
SEIFA – South Yarra (Text only, 2.0MB)

West Melbourne
SEIFA – West Melbourne (PDF, 960kb)
SEIFA – West Melbourne (Text only, 2.1MB)