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What's on City of Melbourne

Key advisory committees, bodies and boards

As a capital city council, the City of Melbourne delivers a range of programs and initiatives which contribute to the cultural, social and economic vitality of Melbourne.

To assist with this process, the Council has in place a number of key advisory bodies whose work facilitates development and implementation of such activities.

Outlined below is a list of key advisory committees, bodies and boards including current members.

Title  Councillor members  Members 
City Licensing Approvals Forum (CLAF) Cr Kevin Louey
Cr Rohan Leppert (alternate)
Events Melbourne
Planning Team
Street Trading
Community Safety and Wellbeing
Local Laws
Members of the Victoria Police – Divisional Licensing Unit.
Disability Advisory Committee Cr Ken Ong
Cr Jackie Watts (alternate)
Sean Corcoran
Con Livanos
Amanda Lawrie Jones
Gavan Balharrie
Robyn Gaille
Maurice Gleeson
Robert Allen
Family and Children’s Advisory Committee Cr Richard Foster
Cr Jackie Watts (alternate)
Bev Touzel
Ines Rio
Jocelyn Bignold
Kathy Panjari
Dana Bonacci
Jo Swift
John Tobin
Jane Foley
Vickie Feretopoulos
Maree Lehman
Cherie Rae
Marianne Glenn
Homelessness Advisory Committee Cr Richard Foster
Cr Jackie Watts (alternate)
Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer (alternate)
Anthony McEvoy
Brian Sardeson
Gabrielle McManus
Louise Lang
Mark O'Brien
Melanie Raymond
Richie Goonan
Russell Shields
Samiro Douglas
Theresa Swanborough
VincentCare Representative
Zoe Vale
Lord Mayor’s Commendations Advisory Group Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer
Cr Jackie Watts
Kay Craddock AM
Karin Butterfield
John Ahern
Johanne Maxwell
Andrew Pyman
Fiona Sweetman
Trudy Alcoe
Don Parsons
Alister Reid
Stephen Nagle
Cherie Fraser
Kerryn Arnold
Natasha Benrad
Melbourne Awards Advisory Board DLM Susan Riley
Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer
Susan Barton
Andrea Durrant
Major Brendan Nottle
Dagmar O’Brien
Anita Donnelly
Lewis Martin
Natalie O’Brien
Martin Cutter
Cherie Fraser
Elise Schimmelbush
Kerryn Arnold
Steve Nagle
Craig Eloranta
Helen Kirk
Melbourne Retail and Hospitality Board DLM Susan Riley
Cr Kevin Louey
Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer

George Christopolous

Annick Philipsz

Rebecca Hard

Elizabeth Jeffers

Heath Michael

Martin Ginnane
Mary Poulakis

Fiona Byrne

Eva Konecsny

Maria Konecsny

Barrie Barton
Tony Ridge
Davis Yu
Matteo Pignatelli

Martin Cutter

Jane Sharwood

Fides Santos-Arguelles

Aly O'Brien
Susan Renouf
Darryl Washington

Melbourne Music Steering Committee Cr Rohan Leppert
Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer
Martin Cutter
Cherie Fraser
Elise Peyronnet
Jane Crawley
El Chantry
Rebecca Amos
Kerryn Arnold
Stephen Nagle
Lucan Creamer
Jane Sharwood
Shelley Blake
Hannah Brooks
Vicky Guglielmo
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Advisory Board DLM Susan Riley
Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer
Paul Bonici
Yeojin Bae
Matthew Anderson
Karen Webster
Phoebe Montague
Dom Bagnato
Graeme Hill
Vanessa O’Hanlon
Dr Kathy Alexander
Martin Cutter
Stephen Nagle
Lucan Creamer
Sean Cadd
Kerryn Arnold   
Cherie Fraser
Emma Ingles
Rebecca Amos
Music Strategy Advisory Committee Cr Rohan Leppert
Cr Cathy Oke (alternate)
Cr Kevin Louey (alternate)
Patrick Donovan
Meera Fernandes
Peter Luscombe
Ali Bird
Lucie Ribush
Mairead Hanna
Johnathan Williamson
Adrian Basso
Jerry Poon
Dr Andrea Baker
Ian James
Daragh Kan
Dobe Newton
Parks and Gardens Advisory Committee

Cr Arron Wood
Cr Cathy Oke

Cr Richard Foster (alternate)
Cr Jackie Watts (alternate)

Chris Cole
Gerard Bolger
Simon Want
Lorna Hannan
Kathryn Bowen
Alexandra Lee
Michael Butcher
Angelo Indovino
Professor Gini Lee
Ross Williamson
Prof Roz Hansen
Prof Rod Keenan
Matthew Meng
Kelly Hertzog