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What's on City of Melbourne

Council profile

Ben Rimmer, CEO

Meet the City of Melbourne's management team.

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The City of Melbourne's five core values are designed to make a positive difference in the activities and services Council provides.

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The Code of Conduct and Protocol ensure a constructive team with a shared vision for the City of Melbourne.

Organisational structure

The organisational structure of the City of Melbourne ensures that Council decisions are implemented and that the municipality runs smoothly.

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The Local Government Act 1989 permits each local government to make 'local laws' to assist it in carrying out its functions and powers in its district.

Find a list of current prescriptions for Activities Local Law relating to building works, liquor licensing, noise levels and other issues affecting the municipality.

Council information

Mayor and councillors

Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillors on Town Hall balcony

The City of Melbourne has a Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and nine councillors.

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Finance and governance

Finance and governance

Find out how the City of Melbourne performs its functions, provides services and exercise its powers.

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Council and committee meetings

Council chambers

Dates of upcoming Council and committee meetings and how to get involved.

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Plans and publications

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The City of Melbourne produces a range of publications ensuring easy access to information about Council and the city.

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