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What's on City of Melbourne


In addition to the services you would expect from a local council, the City of Melbourne operate with the added complexity of catering to the approximate
780,000 people using the city each day for a wide variety of reasons.

From delivering a unique array of cultural activities and an expanding events programs to forging strong international partnerships or maintaining our world class parks and gardens the diversity of services we offer is exciting and innovative.

Now imagine the people required to make this all happen; from planners, engineers and architects to strategists, policy advisors, accountants, event officers, library staff and social workers. The City of Melbourne has a genuine commitment to making a difference. Our high-calibre, talented workforce, of approximately 1300 staff, is vital to the daily delivery of excellent service to the community, and achievement of our long-term vision for a thriving and sustainable city.

As a capital city council we are closely connected with business, residents, visitors, government and the myriad of organisations and individuals that contribute to making Melbourne great. In working partnership we seek to develop and drive bold, sustainable strategies that create a long-term vision for a thriving and sustainable city into the future.

You may be surprised at the career opportunities on offer at City of Melbourne. Discover more at City of Melbourne Careers.